As authorized turbine and engine retrofitter we can deliver reliable retrofit solutions and lump sum turnkey projects for a wide range of engines and turbines around the world. Using our large and experienced engineering department we provide solutions on generators, compressors, pumps and mechanical drive applications, serving power plants, refineries, ships and many other applications.


Steam Turbines
Steam Turbines

Controls, governors and actuators

A lot of companies refer to process control, extraction control, load sharing, base load, droop mode, isochronous mode, control but we have the expertise and experience in house to support you and upgrade your system.

Turbine Safety Systems
Turbine Safety Systems
Woodward SIL-3 Safety Systems

The new API670 standards require a total systems approach to meet the safety levels required in the industry. Woodward is a leader in delivering steam turbine safety systems to meet these new standards. Woodward’s SIL-3 enabled safety systems with integrated package of ProTech, QuickTrip, and certified sensors reduce installation costs and allow you to meet the safety requirements for small, medium, or large steam turbine applications.

Woodward turbine safety systems precisely and reliably scan rotor speed and other key turbine operating parameters over 40 times per second.
Gas Turbines
Gas Turbines

Controls and valves

Turner Engine Control Solutions is a Woodward Recognised Turbine Retrofitter. The qualification means that we have the competence and experience to upgrade complex turbine control systems for gas as well for steam turbines.


Anti-surge controls

Over time, Turner ECS developed a solid track record of successfully executed complex compressor control projects. As the Woodward Business Partner for Europe and the Middle-East, Turner ECS is able to provide local technical resources and unique expertise.

These last years, Turner ECS engineered and commissioned more than 75 compressors control systems for the major Oil & Gas and Petrochemical companies in the world. Various additional services where offered, to ensure parts availability and continuation of its local support during the lifecycle of the control system.

Diesel Engines
Diesel Engines

Controls, governors, valves and actuators

Woodward mechanical hydraulic governors are used on many modern marine engine applications as they are very reliable and simple to maintain. The mechanical ball head governor operates independent from any power source or other supervisory control system, making it comply with the for every type of marine engine application.

Gas Engines
Gas Engines

Controls and valves

Stricter emission mandates and alternative fuel technologies are expanding at unprecedented rates.

Woodward air-fuel ratio control solutions are flexible and able to compensate for fuel gas quality variations. Air fuel ratio can be controlled through managing the combustion air amount through air inlet throttling, compressor bypass, turbocharger waste gate, variable turbo geometry actuation, EGR or any combination.

Power Management
Power Management

Genset controllers and synchronizers

Woodward has a legacy as the "benchmark" in the distributed power generation industry for high-quality, reliable synchronizers, load sharing controls and generator controllers. These modern integrated engine-generator controllers provide full control and protection capability for a multitude of generator applications -- from isolated, emergency standby gensets to parallel operation of multiple generators in complex distribution systems.

  • Digital generator and transformer protection
  • Automatic synchronizing, dead bus closing, breaker control and load sharing
  • Load management for base loading, import/export control and peak shaving
  • Load-dependent start and stop functionality for fuel saving
Protection Relays
Protection Relays
Find the Right Protection Relay for Your Application

Woodward is an independent supplier of systems and components for the power generation and distribution market. Many decades of experience combined with continuous improvement of our protection relays benefit our customers. The modular design of the Woodward product range provide customers with an array of solutions for:


• Mains decoupling • Feeder protection
• Motor protection • Transformer protection
• Generator protection • Line protection


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