Turner ECS uses Woodward's configurable and programmable digital diesel control platforms that incorporate proven software and hardware.

Turner ECS offers Woodward's largest selection of standard and off-the-shelf diesel engine controllers in the market. These controllers can be applied on any diesel engine and the configurable controls require minimum engineering time. The software of these configurable controls has been refined and proven in thousands of applications installed by Woodward and their partners.

Large Engine Control Module

The Woodward Large Engine Control Module (LECM) manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, locomotive and industrial engine, and process markets.

The LECM provides a single, engine-mounted module that can be used to control all aspects of the engine’s operation, including:
  • Speed and load control
  • Air/fuel ratio control
  • Ignition or injector control
  • Misfire and knock detection
  • Air/gas/exhaust flow control
  • Engine’s start and stop routines
  • monitoring and engine-protection
  • On-board data logging and communications
The LECM’s software also allows control system designers to insert their own market-differentiating control algorithms. This single-module approach lowers hardware, wiring, and troubleshooting costs, as well as reducing development and installation time. Additional advantages come from having only one software service tool to learn and support.
2301E Control

The Woodward 2301E provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines. The control provides the functions like the 2301A load sharing and speed control and 2301D load sharing and speed control. The control is housed in a sheet-metal chassis for ordinary and hazardous locations, and consists of a single printed circuit board.

The 2301E is configured using a computer with Control Assistant software or a Woodward ToolKit service tool. The configuration software may be downloaded from the Woodward website ( The computer connects to the 2301E through a 9-pin connector (RS-232 port). Modbus control can be operated through the second serial port (RS-422).
2300E Control
The 2300 Digital Electronic Load Sharing & Speed Control is a microprocessor-based hardware platform that is custom programmable to the specific needs of the application. Typically the control is used to provide speed and load control functions for reciprocating engines.

Integral load sensor and load sharing capabilities are available that allow the control to be programmed for a variety of power generation applications. Isochronous load sharing, kW droop, and base-load operation can be provided. Integral load sensor and load sharing capabilities are available that allow the control to be programmed for a variety of power generation applications. Isochronous load sharing, kW droop, and base-load operation can be provided.

The 2300 input/output (I/O) list includes:
  • 1 Generator Load Sensor
  • 3 PT Inputs & 3 CT Inputs
  • 1 Load Sharing Line
  • 1 Actuator Driver Output
  • 2 Magnetic Pickup (MPU) Inputs
  • 1 Analog Output
  • 2 Analog Inputs
  • 8 Discrete Inputs
  • 4 Discrete Relay Driver Outputs or PWM Outputs
  • 1 Serial COM Port (RS-232)
  • 1 Serial COM Port (RS-422)
  • 1 CAN Port


733 Control

733 Digital Control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in Power generation, marine propulsion, locomotive and industrial engine, and process markets.

The 733 has been specifically designed to enable it to be mounted directly on the engine, withstanding the high temperature and vibration environment. The 733 can also be mounted inside control cabinets if required.


As a standalone speed control with functions and configuration similar to other Woodward digital controls such as 723. The control also has plug-and-play network connectivity to the Woodward ProAct™ Digital Actuator family that provides a complete all-electric governing solution that can be engine mounted. The control can receive its commands either through hard-wired inputs or via a network.

As the main control unit within an engine management system. The control is designed for network connectivity to other Woodward or customer-selected devices, such as I/O modules (remote or integrated within the 733 package), actuators, ignition controls, air/exhaust and fuel flow control valves, power management controls, and EFI solenoid drivers.

It may be programmed to perform all engine functions such as speed, air and fuel control, monitoring, alarms, engine protection and sequencing.

ATLAS II Control

The Atlas-II™ control is an industrial platform that offers robust, low-cost control for a wide variety of turbine, engine, and compressor applications. This control is designed to integrate into the modern plant architecture through the use of Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocols.

The Atlas-II programmable control is designed specifically for prime mover control applications such as:
• Gas Turbines • Compressor Control and Protection
• Gas and Diesel Engines • Steam Turbines
• Hydro Turbines
Four Ethernet ports and add-on fieldbus communication modules allow for the network flexibility and redundancy necessary for today’s communication architectures. With a proven real-time operating system and dedicated inputs and outputs, the Atlas-II provides reliable and deterministic performance for key prime mover control functionality. Less critical control functionality can be added into the Atlas-II through the use of free-time programming structures and distributed I/O.


Fri 24-01-2020
Turner ECS certified to repair and remanufacture CPC II
We are pleased to inform you that we have been certified by Woodward to service CPC II units, both for field service repair (Bronze) and in house remanufacture (Silver).
Fri 20-12-2019
Vacancy Financial Controller
We are looking for a Financial Controller for the Turner Group Engine Controls business, comprising Turner Engine Control Solutions BV, Turner MCS, Turner Engine Control Solutions GmbH, Turner Engine Control Solutions UK Branch, Turner Ltd KSA branch.
Thu 19-12-2019
Vacancy Finance Assistant / Assistant Accountant
We are in the process of implementing a new ERP system (Odoo) across the group and in the same time improving our financial and commercial processes. As a result of this we are expanding our team and looking for an enthusiastic Finance assistant/Assistant accountant (M/F) who likes taking on new challenges and is looking forward to know our new ERP system and making it his/her own.
Mon 28-10-2019
Vacancy Technical Sales Manager UK
Our UK office, located in Newcastle-under-Lyme is responsible for the sales and service of Woodward products into the UK and Irish market. For the expansion of our Sales Team we are looking for a Technical Sales Manager
Tue 13-08-2019
Steam turbine control upgrade
Turner ECS has been awarded an order from a large petrochemical plant in The Netherlands to replace the obsolete speed control, overspeed protection and I/H converter on one of their steam turbines
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