Genset Controllers for Your Power Generation Systems

Woodward offers a wide variety of controllers for the generator set market. . You will find the right solution regardless of whether you are looking for controllers to run simple none-parallel application or to service multiple generator set applications.

If you are faced with complex breaker and load flow conditions where loss of power would be critical to your customers, invested assets or even lives, you can feel safe by using Woodward genset controllers.

I/O Expansion Board

The IKD 1 is an I/O extension board. It allows an additional 8 discrete inputs and 8 relay outputs to be connected via CAN bus to the Woodward generating set controllers series GCP-30 and easYgen.

It is possible to connect multiple Woodward IKD 1 cards to each of the genset controllers. The IKD 1 can be programmed via a PC configuration tool or directly via LogicsManagerTM in the easYgen series controllers.

Configuration of text name for the I/O, alarm classes, NO (Normally Open) and NC(Normally Closed) relay contact configuration and delay timers is possible. The I/O states will be displayed in clear text messages on the genset controllers display and can be used for further processing.

Key features:
  • 8 configurable discrete alarm inputs
  • 8 configurable relay outputs (dry, two pole isolated)
  • Configurable delays for each input
  • CAN bus communication
  • PC configurable
RGCP-3400 Redundant Generator Control Panel

Redundant Genset Control Panel for Mission-Critical Application

Woodward’s dual modular Redundant Genset Control Panel (RGCP) provides an additional layer of power system reliability in mission-critical applications such as data centers, hospitals, or critical industrial processes where the cost of an outage greatly exceeds the installed cost of a redundant control system. Based on the popular easYgen-3400 series genset control, the RGCP includes all the features, functionality and proven quality of the industry-leading easYgen-3000 series paralleling genset controls.

Key features:
  • Ease of application
    • Connections are the same as to a single easYgen
    • No special programming - identical settings for each device
    • Prewired, factory tested, turnkey assembly
    • Simple installation commissioning
    • Periodic parameter alignment and mismatch alarm
  • Bump less control switching, even while under load
  • Hot-swap controller exchange without stopping the genset
  • Redundant fiber optic load sharing/communications available
  • Provision for redundant power supplies and HMI's
Automatic Transfer Switch Controller (ATS) DTSC-200
Woodward’s DTSC-200 is the ultimate control for new ATS (automatic transfer switch) builds and retrofits. A complete measurement and protection package, it easily configures to Utility-to-Generator, Generator-to-Generator, or Utility-to-Utility systems for open, delayed, or closed-transition transfer with synch-check to ensure the smoothest possible transfer.

High-end features like transfer inhibit, source priority selection, load shed, motor load disconnect, elevator pre-signal, and engine exerciser timers come standard in this incredibly versatile, cost-effective control.

Feature overview:

  • Configurable for open, delayed, and closed transition transfer
  • Configurable for Utility-to-Gen, Generator-to-Generator, and Utility-to-Utility applications
  • Closed transition transfers can be accomplished in times < 100ms
  • In-phase monitoring (sync-check)
  • Load/no load test functionality
  • Engine exerciser (load/no load test) routine with fully adjustable interval
  • Peak shaving mode
  • Load shedding
  • Extended parallel time (for closed transition transfers that take longer than 100ms)
  • Transfer and/or re-transfer inhibit
  • Source priority selection
  • Elevator pre-transfer and motor load disconnect timers
  • Event/Alarm log system with real time clock
  • Internal breaker interlock utilizing discrete inputs for breaker position detection
  • Freely configurable discrete I/O with support for external I/O expansion units (e.g. Woodward IKD 1)
  • RS-232, RS-485 and CAN bus interfaces for remote control and visualization purposes
  • Supports CANopen and Modbus RTU protocols
  • PC and/or front display configuration
  • 128x64 pixels graphic LCD display
  • LogicsManager provides programmable logic functions that eliminate relay logic or PLC
  • True RMS voltage, current and power sensing
  • LEDs for source availability and breaker status
Automatic Transfer Switch Controller (ATS) DTSC-50
Woodward’s DTSC-50 digital transfer switch controller is an economical controller for open-transition (break before make) ATS (automatic transfer switch) control for emergency stand-by applications with a single generator. When the DTSC-50 detects a utility failure, it commands the generator to start and transfers the load to the emergency source. The DTSC-50 performs an open-transition re-transfer when utility power is restored, allowing the engine to cool down before stopping. It can be utilized in 1Ph2W, 1Ph3W, 3Ph3W, and 3Ph4W systems.

The DTSC-50 displays voltage and frequency values for each phase, as well as engine hours, maintenance hours, and number of transfers. Active alarms are annunciated via the seven segment LED display. Separate LEDs show breaker status and source availability. Sealed soft-keys enable the user to start the generator and operate the transfer switch manually.

Features include:

  • Open-transition transfer
  • Utility-to-Generator application
  • Auto/manual operation
  • “Remote start” input
  • “Lock in AUTO mode” input
  • “Lock in MANUAL mode” input
  • Internal breaker interlock utilizing discrete inputs for breaker position detection
  • Adjustable timers
  • Event/Alarm log system
  • Freely configurable discrete I/O
  • PC and/or front display configuration
  • Six 7-Segment LED screen
  • True RMS voltage sensing
  • LED`s for source availability and breaker status
  • Password protection
  • Fully-enclosed housing
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • 6.5 to 40.0 Vdc powered
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