Find the Right Protection Relay for Your Application

Woodward is an independent supplier of systems and components for the power generation and distribution market. Many decades of experience combined with continuous improvement of our protection relays benefit our customers. The modular design of the Woodward product range provide customers with an array of solutions for:

         • Mains decoupling             • Feeder protection
         • Motor protection               • Transformer protection
         • Generator protection        • Line protection


Directional Overcurrent and Earthfault Protection

MCA4-2 is the ideal directional feeder protection for industrial and utility distribution networks. Integrated interconnection / grid code package. Large control capacity for switchgear. Very large protection package (reclosing, load shedding, load restoration, demand management, monitoring functions,...

ANSI: 50, 51, 67, 51C, 51V, 50N, 51N, 67N, 46, 49, 27, 59, 59N, 81U/O, 60FL, 79, 86, 50BF, 74TC , 81R, 78, 47, 60FL, 60L, 32F, 25, 37F, 32Q, 37Q, 37QR, 32S, 37S, 37R, 55, 51C, LVRT , Q->V, UFLS

Flexibility in hardware, software, application, user interface and communications makes the MCA4 adaptable to requirements today and in the future. The hardware is designed for all nominal values in combination with protection and control functionality. The parameterizing and analyzing software Smart view is usable for each HighPROTEC device and free of charge.
Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection

MRI4-2 is an overcurrent and earth fault relay, tailored for industrial and utility applications with recloser and breaker wear functionality.

ANSI: 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 46, 49, 60L, 79, 86, 50BF, 74TC


The MRI4 provides a number of three phase protection elements to safeguard against overcurrent, short-circuit and earth fault, all with inverse time (INV) and definite time (DEFT) tripping characteristics.

The MRI4 is also ideal for the protection of isolated, resonant, resistive and solidly earthed neutral systems. It is designed to be used in both radial networks and single fed open ring main systems. It can also serve as backup protection for differential protection systems on generators, transformers, bus bars and electrical lines.

For overhead line protection the MRI4 is also available with an optional auto reclosing function.

Voltage and Frequency Protection

MRU4-2 can be used in industrial and utility distribution systems, to supervise voltage and frequency fluctuations, for monitoring and for load shedding and load restoration.

ANSI : 27, 59, 59N, 81U/O, 60FL, 47, 86, 74TC , 81R, 78, ROCOF, 25


The MRU4 is a protection relay which uses the latest Dual-Core-Processor Technology to provide precise and reliable protective functions and is very easy to operate. It is designed to protect electrical equipment from dangerous voltage fluctuations.

For example protection against under voltages caused by mains shortcircuits, or overvoltages due to load shedding or failure of a generator voltage controller. Its compact design makes the MRU4 ideal for installation within the LV terminal compartments of compact SF6-insulated MV systems

Generator Differential Protection

The high precision generator differential protection relay MCDGV4-2 is designed to protect utilities and industrial generators. The step-up transformer can be easily integrated into the protection (Block Protection) without any extra charge.

In addition to the differential protection package the device offers a broad interconnection package as well as full packages for phase, earth, voltage, frequency and power protection.

ANSI : 87G, 87GT , 87N (64RE F), 24, 40, 59TN /27TN , 50, 51, 67, 51V, 51C, 50N, 51N, 67N, 50Ns, 51Ns, 67Ns, 46, 49, 27, 59, 59N, 81U/O, 81R, 78, 47, 32, 55, 60FL, 86, 50BF, 74TC, 25, 37, LVRT , Q->V


The MRI4 is also ideal for the protection of isolated, resonant, resistive and solidly earthed neutral systems. It is designed to be used in both radial networks and single fed open ring main systems. It can also serve as backup protection for differential protection systems on generators, transformers, bus bars and electrical lines. For overhead line protection the MRI4 is also available with an optional auto reclosing function.

Transformer Differential Protection - 2 Windings

The MCDTV4-2 is designed to protect 2 winding power transformer in substations, distribution and generator applications with a very comprehensive protection package like phase, restricted earth fault, inrush detection, and monitoring functions including grid interconnection and control functionality up to 6 switchgears.

ANSI : 87T, 87N (64RE F), 24, 50, 51, 67, 51V, 51C, 50N, 51N, 67N, 50Ns, 51Ns, 67Ns, 46, 49, 27, 59, 59N, 81U/O, 81R, 78, 47, 32, 55, 60FL, 86, 50BF, 74TC , 25, 37, LVRT , Q->V, UFLS


The MCDTV4 offers an all-in-one solution for HV, MV and LV transformers and it offers much more than just a differential protection package.It can detect critical operation states based on voltage measurement (e.g. Overexcitation). 

The MCDTV4 provides in addition to that an Interconnection package. This can be used for mains protection at the point of common coupling (e.g. for directional reactive power undervoltage protection). The integrated backup protection package enables the MCDTV4 to act as backup protection (e.g. for downstream breakers). 

Additional features like demand management are available without extra charge.

Transformer Differential Protection - 2 Windings

MRDT4-2 transformer phase and earth fault differential relay is designed to protect two winding transformers in distribution, substation and generation systems. The relay can also be used as a generator and power step up transformer differential protection and also incorporates many backup protection functions.

ANSI : 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 46, 49T, 60FL, 86, 50BF, 74TC , 60L, 64RE F, 87G, 87T


The various protective functions of the MRDT4 are specifically tailored to the protection of two winding transformers. The device offers in addition to the differential protection various communication and backup protection functions.

Furthermore the MRDT4 can be used for generator differential protection.

Motor protection with voltage

The MRMV4-2 is designed for motor protection applications and has a large package of monitoring and protection functions, such as motor star-up, thermal overload, incomplete start-up sequence. Voltage, power and frequency are supervised as well.

The motor temperature can be monitored via an external sensor box (URTD).


The MRMV4 provides all necessary functions to protect low and medium voltage motors at all power levels. The protection functions are based on current and voltage measurement and supervise all thermal conditions, motor start sequence, stall and locked rotor, undercurrent and incomplete sequence.

Overcurrent functions and earth fault functions are also available as power protection, frequency and voltage elements. The motor operation can be monitored by statistic and trend recorders. 

Motor Protection

The MRM4-2 is designed for the protection of motors. All the protection functions are based on current. The device offers motor protection functions, such as motor star-up and incomplete start-up sequence.

ANSI : 46, 49M, 49R, 49S, 50J, 37, 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 60L, 86, 50BF, 74TC


The MRM4 provides all necessary functions to protect low and medium voltage motors at all power levels. The protection functions are based on current measurement. They supervise the motor start sequence (motor start), they detect a stall or locked rotor condition and they monitor the thermal condition of the motor.

Overcurrent and earth overcurrent protection as well as unbalanced load protection are included in the protection package. The status and operation of the motor will also be monitored by means of the statistic and trend recorder. All important events and measuring values will be logged by means of the start, event, failure and disturbance recorder.

Multifunction Relay - ROCOF - G59 with Canopen Modbus Communication MFR-300
The MFR 300 is a measuring transducer for monitoring single- and three-phase power systems. The MFR 300 has both voltage and current inputs for measuring an electrical power source. A digital processor makes it possible to accurately to measure true RMS values, regardless of harmonics, transients or disturbing pulses. The primary measured and calculated values are transmitted via CANopen / Modbus protocol to a supervisory control system.

The MFR 300 performs monitoring functions for mains decoupling, including four freely configurable time-dependent undervoltage monitoring functions for FRT (fault ride-through).

The primary measured values of voltage and current are used to calculate the real, reactive, and apparent power and the power factor (cosphi) values.

The list of measured values includes

  • Voltage
    • Wye: VL1N / VL2N / VL3N
    • Delta: VL12 / VL23 / VL31
  • Frequency fL123
  • Current IL1/IL2/IL3



  • 3 true RMS voltage inputs
  • 3 true RMS current inputs
  • Class 0.5 accuracy for voltage, frequency and current
  • Class 1 accuracy for real and reactive power or energy
  • Configurable trip/control setpoints
  • Configurable delay timers for individual alarms (0.02 to 300.00 s)
  • 4 configurable relays (change-over)
  • 1 “Ready for operation” relay
  • Switchable relay logic
  • 2 kWh counters (max. 1012 kWh)
  • 2 kvarh counters (max. 1012 kvarh)
  • CANopen / Modbus communication
  • Configurable via CAN bus / RS-485 / Service Port (USB/RS-232)
  • 24 Vdc power supply


Protection ANSI codes

  • Over-/undervoltage (59/27)
  • Over-/underfrequency (81O/U)
  • Voltage asymmetry (47)
  • Overload (32)
  • Positive/negative load (32R/F)
  • Unbalanced load (46)
  • Phase shift (78)
  • Overcurrent (50/51)
  • df/dt (ROCOF)
  • Ground fault
  • QV monitoring
  • Voltage increase
  • Freely configurable time-dependent undervoltage monitoring for:
    • FRT (fault ride-through)


Fri 24-01-2020
Turner ECS certified to repair and remanufacture CPC II
We are pleased to inform you that we have been certified by Woodward to service CPC II units, both for field service repair (Bronze) and in house remanufacture (Silver).
Fri 20-12-2019
Vacancy Financial Controller
We are looking for a Financial Controller for the Turner Group Engine Controls business, comprising Turner Engine Control Solutions BV, Turner MCS, Turner Engine Control Solutions GmbH, Turner Engine Control Solutions UK Branch, Turner Ltd KSA branch.
Thu 19-12-2019
Vacancy Finance Assistant / Assistant Accountant
We are in the process of implementing a new ERP system (Odoo) across the group and in the same time improving our financial and commercial processes. As a result of this we are expanding our team and looking for an enthusiastic Finance assistant/Assistant accountant (M/F) who likes taking on new challenges and is looking forward to know our new ERP system and making it his/her own.
Mon 28-10-2019
Vacancy Technical Sales Manager UK
Our UK office, located in Newcastle-under-Lyme is responsible for the sales and service of Woodward products into the UK and Irish market. For the expansion of our Sales Team we are looking for a Technical Sales Manager
Tue 13-08-2019
Steam turbine control upgrade
Turner ECS has been awarded an order from a large petrochemical plant in The Netherlands to replace the obsolete speed control, overspeed protection and I/H converter on one of their steam turbines
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