Pneumatic actuator replacement
TECS have been requested by a customer, a producer of plastics, Latex and Rubber, to upgrade the controls and pneumatic actuator on their Coppus Murray Steam Turbine, which is utilised to drive a compressor.
Total Train Solutions

The Turner-ECS Total Train Solution™ is a controller platform for turbine or motor driven compressor or generator applications developed in Woodward GAP™ language.

The TTS is intended for use on multiple Woodward hardware platforms and offers a mix of standard, configurable and programmable functions for control and visualisation.


The Turner-ECS Total Train Solution™ comprises the following components: 

  • A Woodward GAP™ based standard software application with an embedded dynamic model intended for off-line configuration and validation purposes.
  • A Woodward Toolkit based graphical engineering tool intended for configuration, service and operation, including a dynamic compressor maps and a dynamic steam map.
  • Standard documentation.
  • Engineering services, hardware and HMI visualisation as per project requirements.

Key features and benefits:

  • Developed based on standard field-proven logic.
  • Compliant to most of the standard technical requirements of all major steam turbine and compressor OEM’s, end users and EPC’s.
  • Revision controlled and managed software logic.
  • Including many advanced control features and commissioning tools.
  • Field configurable functionality.
  • Mechanical Performance Monitoring™ for preventive maintenance.
  • Eliminates the need for auxiliary functionality in PLC or DCS systems.
  • Modular software architecture allowing the TTS to be tailored to the needs of the respective application by adding or removing logic blocks.
  • Suitable for simplex, dual redundant and triple modular redundant applications.
  • Reduced development and commissioning time.
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