Diving Support Vessel - Control upgrade
Parts obsolescence, engine instabilities and failures of the Barber Colman governing system was the reason why Turner ECS received the order to replace complete governor system, speed control, load-sharing, synchronisation system and finally the PLC’s that are controlling the diesel engine has been replaced as a turn key project.
Drill Rig - Power plant upgrade
The power plant consists of four EMD engines, two 16 cylinder- and two 12 cylinder engines.

The four engines distribute their power through four generator circuit breakers onto the bus. No split options in place. From the main bus the power is transformed for its user-groups and also converter via for main power equipment.

Parts obsolescence, engine instabilities were the reason why Turner Engine Control Solutions received in 2012 the turn-key order to replace for each engine the existing generator control system at Scarabeo 6.

The generator control system consists of a Hill Graham AC40 master/slave module, automatic voltage regulator.

The spinning reserve power was calculated by an obsolete power limit module which had an interface signal through the SCR’s to reduce power. The functionality provided by the module has been replaced as well.

Fast Ferry - Main Engine Retrofit
Turner MCS performed an upgrade of four 16RK280 diesel engines powering the jet propellers on a 98m fast ferry catamaran sailing in the Canary Islands. Parts’ obsolescence was the main reasons why Turner ECS received the order to replace the existing electronic injection and speed control system for each engine.

Woodward’s new Flex 500 hardware platform was selected as the new main controller performing speed control, I/O management and backup safety features. In addition Woodward’s new LECM hardware platform was selected to perform electronic fuel injection, safety features and backup speed control. The new hardware allows the customer to take complete ownership of the system with unrestricted access to both the application software and all system diagnostics using dedicated software tools.

Engine safety is guaranteed with a new redundant system design. Both the Flex 500 and the LECM monitor all safety channels. In addition a DNV approved electronic overspeed device has been installed. The system also includes three junction boxes containing remote I/O modules which collect measurements from sensors on the engine.

Two CAN networks have been installed to allow all devices to communicate with each other. One network is dedicated to remote I/O data collection and one network is dedicated to the communication between the two main controllers. In addition, the Flex 500 communicates via Modbus to the ship control system. Two communication gateways allow remote access to the main controllers and the HMI for live troubleshooting and system monitoring.

Cylinder exhaust gas temperature balancing was introduced as a new feature by configuring the LECM to increase or decrease injection duration on each cylinder. This guarantees a lower peak temperature and lower cylinder-to-cylinder and bank-to-bank temperature deviation.

Combustion optimization has been achieved by monitoring live cylinder pressure and by using an EFI system for real-time combustion diagnostics and control.

All four engines were started and tested on load and the complete functionality was tested as specified in the site acceptance test document prepared by Turner MCS and signed off by the customer. This included new functionalities with respect to the old system e.g. temperature balancing.

UG40 DI Upgrade Solution

Turner ECS in co-operation with Bolier has designed, tested and validated a solution for end users by modifying the UD-40DI governor, keeping the proven mechanical-hydraulic reliability of the UG-40D and the electronic reliability of the Woodward MAS driver box.

Keep your existing hardware, no linkage changes or significant programming required.

  • Keep existing UG40DI governor
  • No linkage adjustments 
  • Full Warranty 
  • Existing fuel rack sensor remains in place
  • Easy and quick modification on-board
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